The term sabbatical comes from the word Sabbath which is connected to the need to build periods of rest and rejuvenation during a lifetime. Anyone can take a sabbatical and travel. A sabbatical is like getting a leave of absence from work or from your current studies, to pursue a break.

People usually take sabbaticals to fulfill a goal, build a skill, do research, or the like. You don’t necessarily have to stay near your home to do these things, you can travel the world so you can accomplish your goals.

Sabbaticals come in all shapes and sizes. Your time away can be paid, unpaid, partially paid or even self-funded.

Some programs require an application. Others do not. Your sabbatical length may vary but most are from four weeks to a year or so.


And while many companies allow workers an unrestricted time away – meaning they can do whatever they choose – others have specific requirements and objectives. For example, some corporate sabbatical programs are geared toward community service or innovation research.







Most Common Sabbaticals We Offer ...

Learn and Improve English

Periods from 30 to 180 days.
Full-time or part-time courses. Varied accommodations (apartments, houses or hotels)
Shared or individual spaces.

Middle School / High School

Public or private school
Home-stay or dorm accommodation on campus
Multiple custom packages

University Courses

First graduation or post-graduation.
Shared accommodation (on campus, home or hotel) shared or individual.
Various individual packages.

Professional Sabbatical

Programs for professional reflection and business improvement.
Creative process for new products and inventions

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FAQ | Types of Sabbatical Time


Travel Sabbatical

See the world, or just part of it. Experiencing another culture never fails to provide a new perspective on what we have at home.

Green Sabbatical

Companies interested in social responsibility can give employees time out to help with a clean-up project, further a renewable energy effort, or do field research. Whether tagging sea turtles or working with an approved environmental group, the individual learns how to help the earth and his or her company reaps the benefits of supporting “green” causes


Volunteer Sabbatical

This program gives employees an opportunity to donate time to a charity they and their companies believe in, such as Habitat for Humanity, teaching English to Guatemalan children, or helping with a church missionary project. The possibilities are endless and endlessly rewarding.

Innovation Sabbatical

This program stimulates fresh thinking by giving employees the opportunity to experience a different work culture, inside or outside their own industry. Upon their return, the insight they gained while “out of the box” fuels their creative juices and provides fresh inspiration for their coworkers as well.


Family Sabbatical

Many companies give employees the opportunity to spend time with their kids or take a trip with an aging parent. Providing a solid block of quality time with family members helps these people balance their priorities and gain perspective and renewed energy for their workplace objectives.


Learning Sabbatical

Educational sabbaticals enable employees to finish an MBA, become fluent in a second language, earn certification in a software program and more.

Research Sabbatical

These programs enable employees to take time out to develop a new product or business process, or work on a project, book or theory.

Lifelong Goal Sabbatical

This program allows employees to re-energize themselves by chasing a lifelong dream such as acting in a theater production, competing in a triathlon, or hiking Mt. Everest. Going after an audacious goal – and conquering it – can create powerful momentum for the individual and the company that fosters that achievement.

Personal Growth Sabbatical

This time out for self-reflection can take the form of a silent meditation retreat, reading a stack of self-help books, or even filling up a journal with reflections, hopes, and plans. However it is done, individuals return with a personal clarity that might not have been possible otherwise.